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Product Development Services

As a small design firm all our clients are important, large or small and when you need help you are going to get it pronto. Whether you need just a little help or a lot, we are here to make sure your new product design exceeds your expectations and requirements.

Product Development is a multistage process beginning with careful analysis and planning. A seasoned product development firm will invest enough time to thoroughly understand the product or process definition or specification and the entire scope of the product development project from start to finish.

There is always a chance of a surprise or a discovery of a missed opportunity but these anomalies should be the exception and not the rule.
As part of the early product development planning process every element of the product and its target market should be studied. Although the typical client has a pretty good understanding of his target market and end user, it is the duty of the product development firm to know as much as possible about the existing market and trends that if missed could render the client’s product obsolete before it hits the shelf.

Some might see this approach as exceeding the scope of work requested by the client. Payback Solutions looks at this practice as absolutely essential in assuring the best possible product design outcome.

We never question the client’s ability to adequately define his or her target user but we do often offer as supplement information, any knowledge that can contribute to a better product design outcome.